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The Taco D’MAND System operates 24 hours a day to provide hot water “on demand” while saving money, energy and time. This small, silent pump attaches to the hot and cold water lines in the cabinet under the most remote kitchen or bath fixtures in the home. When the D’MAND System is activated, the cool water you normally let run down the drain is re-circulated back to the water heater through the cold water line.

There are various components of the Taco D’Mand System

How You Save: This system heats your water only as it is needed and utilizes water that would normally be wasted


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Nothing says “energy efficient” more that  Solar Heat Panels & Solar Heat Storage Tanks.

Sol 25 panels are commonly used for residential or commercial water heating, space heating, and swimming pools. The net absorber surface of 28 sq feet results in a maximum BTU output of 21,000 btu/day per panel. Store the solar energy that you collect to use when you need it with solar heat storage tanks.

There are a variety of options for solar energy:  Flat plate solar panels, Sol 25 Plus Solar Collector, Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors, Solar storage tanks.

How You Save: By installing a system that uses the energy provided by the sun for free!

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This is the first of a series on energy efficient systems that can, with a modest investment, help you save 20-30% on energy costs. Though some of these may not be directly related to radiant heat, they all can provide significant savings to the homeowner, and help conserve resources and preserve the environment.

Radiant heat is similar to what you feel from the sun: natural, silent, draft-less, and odorless warmth. With radiant floor heat the system is installed under your floor and evenly distributes heat through your home. Now the common complaint of cold feet is cured by heating your floor and letting that heat naturally radiate throughout the room rather than collecting at the ceiling. Conventional forced air systems warm the air and then circulate it throughout your home using ducts and vents, which is relatively inefficient. That rapidly moving air heats rooms unevenly as it is pushed from room to room and out vents and cracks. You also lose some of the heat every time you open a door. Radiant heat will save you money every month because it is slow-moving and is does not rush all over the house. It does not dry out your skin and since there are no furnaces or blowers, noise and dust are reduced to make your home cleaner and

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